Gin &
Bombay Tonic

Connecting the LGBTQ community of Indian Heritage and the wider Diaspora with their friends and allies.


What we're all about


Welcome to our own GIN & Bombay tonic group !

Get to know LGBTQ men and women of Indian origin that are living in London or simply visiting or passing through this fabulous city.

We are a friendly and outgoing group, always happy to meet new members of any nationality or race that are interested in getting to know more about India and people of Indian origin.

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This is the best way to get involved with our community and be kept up to date with upcoming events.

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WhatsApp Groups

Chat with other members

We have a lively and busy GIN & Bombay Tonic WhatsApp group that you can join if you want to.

Besides the main GIN & Bombay Tonic WhatsApp group, we also have 2 additional (and optional) special interest groups where members can chat about certain topics of interest, go into more detail and initiate (and host) events being set up (and I am happy to set up the events on our Meetup group).

The 2 WhatsApp groups are:

  1. GIN Food & Films – talk about food, recipes, events to visit Indian restaurants. Yummy! Also talk about films, songs, stars and the glamour of Bollywood. Organise trips to watch Bollywood films or concerts.

  2. GIN Well Being Group – talk about being LGBTQ, issues around sexuality, race and racism, parents, family, feelings around isolation and shame (topics in books like “Velvet Rage”, “Straight Jacket”, “Love me as I am”) and anything else on people’s minds. Linked to Sathi Deeper Conversations events. Also discussions on spirituality, philosophy, meditation, faith, festivals and self realisation.

To get onto the WhatsApp groups, please join our Meetup group and send a message to the group organiser, or contact us be email.


Get in touch

The best way to get in touch is via our Meetup group. Click here for more info on joining.