Gin &
Bombay Tonic

Connecting the LGBTQ community of Indian Heritage and the wider Diaspora with their friends and allies.


What we're all about


Welcome to our own GIN & Bombay tonic group !

Our Aim is support and connect the LGBTQIA community of Indian Heritage and the wider Diaspora with each other and their friends and allies in the United Kingdom.

GIN started in September 2018 and we now have over 1,300 members. We primarily operate via our GIN Meetup Group and we have a about 5 to 6 meetups (physical and online) every month.

We have 7 GIN Organisers that that help to run GIN.

This group is open to all LGBTQIA people of any nationality or race that are interested in getting to know more about India, Indian culture and LGBTQIA people of Indian Origin.

Get to know LGBTQ men and women of Indian origin that are living in London or simply visiting or passing through this fabulous city.

We are a friendly and outgoing group, always happy to meet new members of any nationality or race that are interested in getting to know more about India and people of Indian origin.

Check out our profile on the LGBT Consortium.

Meetup Group

Let's hang out

This is the best way to get involved with our community and be kept up to date with upcoming events.

We provide the following groups and services:

  • GIN & Lime Women’s’ Group for Indian and South Asian women.
  • GIN Midlands for our members in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Nottingham.
  • GIN Well Being support group.
  • GIN Book Club meets monthly to review books.
  • GIN Film Club for Bollywood and South Asian LGBTQIA films.
  • GIN Tele-friending Buddy Service (GTBS) to help isolated people connect.
  • GIN & Bombay Tonic WhatsApp group with 150+ members.

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Social Media

Come follow us

Follow us on twitter @GINIndianUK

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WhatsApp Groups

Chat with other members

We have a lively and busy GIN & Bombay Tonic WhatsApp group that you can join if you want to.

Besides the main GIN & Bombay Tonic WhatsApp group, we also have some additional (and optional) special interest groups where members can chat about certain topics of interest, go into more detail and initiate (and host) events being set up (and I am happy to set up the events on our Meetup group).

The WhatsApp groups are:

  • GIN & Lime – our Women's group to help connect (and support) Lesbian Indian and South Asian women and their friends and allies.

  • GIN Food & Films – talk about food, recipes, events to visit Indian restaurants. Yummy! Also talk about films, songs, stars and the glamour of Bollywood. Organise trips to watch Bollywood films or concerts.

  • GIN Well Being Group – talk about being LGBTQ, issues around sexuality, race and racism, parents, family, feelings around isolation and shame (topics in books like “Velvet Rage”, “Straight Jacket”, “Love me as I am”) and anything else on people’s minds. Linked to Sathi Deeper Conversations events. Also discussions on spirituality, philosophy, meditation, faith, festivals and self realisation.

  • GIN Book club - read and discuss a different book each month. More info below.

To get onto the WhatsApp groups, please join our Meetup group and send a message to the group organiser, or contact us be email.

Book club

Bookworms unite

If you're into reading, come join our book club where we read and discuss a different book every month.

Here are some of the books we've read so far:

Lookout for the next book club meeting on meetup

GIN Charter & Code of conduct

for GIN members and participants

The Gay Indian Network (GIN) is a welcome place for LGBTQ community with Indian connections, and their friends and allies.

Our aim is to create a friendly place where people can have free connections and conversations, and not necessarily confide in complex rules and boundaries. However, we also acknowledge we need to provide some guidance and structures of our values and principles, so people can feel safe and understood.

With this in mind, here are some codes of conduct for GIN participants. We would welcome feedbacks and please contact us should you wish to share any thoughts about these codes.

Rules Charter and Code of Conduct for GIN members and participants

The Gay Indian Network (GIN) was established in September 2018 with the key purpose of connecting the LGBTQ community of Indian Heritage and the wider diaspora with each other and with their friends & allies in London and in the United Kingdom.

The GIN makes use of social media (such as Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, meet up etc) and social activities (well-being events, culture, entertainment and other events) to communicate and connect with people.

We are dedicated to provide a respectful, safe, harassment-free community for all and treat each other with consideration and respect at all times, across all media, and in all meetings and events.

We value equality and diversity and do not tolerate any direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation in our GIN activities based on any protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

There is a zero tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This includes sexual harassment, unwanted touching, stalking and all forms of abuse or discrimination.

We do not permit posting or displaying sexual or pornographic material on any of our social media groups including our Meetup or WhatsApp groups.

We do not permit political discussions on our WhatsApp groups but people may discuss any relevant matters in our meetings and events if they wish to do so.

Attending meetings and events

We encourage participants to RSVP for the events in advance and select number of people accompanying them for the event. This helps the organisers to prepare the events in the best way they can for the participants.

It is simply done by selecting ‘Yes, I will attend the event’, and by selecting how many extra people will be coming with you to the event, on the event meetup page.

If you have replied ‘Yes’ to an event and then you find that you cannot make it, please change your RSVP to ‘No’ in advance to let the organisers know.

Please note that if you RSVP ‘Yes’ but fail to turn up on three occasions without giving any notice, then you may be excluded from the group.

Taking Photographs

Photographs may be taken in our Meetup groups and events. Photographs help GIN members to connect with each other and help new members to understand about GIN activities. However, we also understand not everyone may wish to be photographed for any reason, and we respect their choice. Hence the following guidelines must be followed:

  • People must be asked in advance for their permission.
  • When taking the permission, people must be told in advance of where and to whom the photos will be sent to, for example, they must be told that their pics will be posted on GIN WhatsApp group and/or on our private Meetup group.
  • If the pics are to be posted onto social media then you must get permission from the people in advance and you must let them know exactly which social media platforms their picture will be posted onto (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp).
  • Please do not assume that if the person has agreed to be in the photo then they automatically agree to that photo being posted onto social media or to be sent to others. You must get their explicit agreement in each case.

The above code of conduct can also be found on meetup.


Get in touch

The best way to get in touch is via our Meetup group. Click here for more info on joining.